VR WW2 Warplane Combat is a VR action flight game, where you have to pilot a war plane from second world war and destroy enemy defenses like warship, zeppelin and anti aircraft systems. There is also time mode available if you want to put your skills on a test.

In game we integrated tutorial that will help you fly a plane. No touch controls are needed to play.

Note: This app requires a VR headset (Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Dodocase VR, VRelia GO, Homido, Gear VR) for best results.

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In Air Commander-Renegade you travel back to World War 2 to fly a fighter plane pilot. Go in combat with awesome air fighter and destroy all the enemies on your way to save your country. Your main objective is to airstrike enemy base and travel to the first ally airbase you can find. Upgrade your airplane and weapons in order to survive incoming enemies. Complete mission to earn a medal. If you are not happy with your game progress, you can always reset game progress in options.

Air Commander - renegade

Direct your plane by touching the right side of the screen and fire your weapons using the buttons on the left.

• In the early stages you should stay low to avoid zeppelins and conserve fuel.
• Flying above a zeppelin disables their bottom turret.(Not rockets)
• Higher altitude decreases flak cannons accuracy.
• Having bomb bay door opened at higher altitudes, drastically increases fuel consumption.
• Collision with other enemies does great damage to you, so use it as last resort.
• If you mute the music, you will not be able to hear alarms, siren or enemy fire.


• Plane upgrades(machine gun, rockets,bombs etc.)
• Hours of gameplay
• Simple to play

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